Coed Varsity Swimming · Bulldog Stories: Head Swim Coach Interview

Sports marketing students Sierra Weeks and Hayley Snarr, sat down with the head swim coach, Heath West, here is what he had to say about Provo High swim.


Heath West coached Provo High Swim starting in 2014 and left in 2016, he came back for the season in 2018. Before Coach West left he had the boys win the regional meet in 2016 and the girls relay broke the school record along with individual records. Now that West is back, he is working hard to rebuild the swim team he did so well to carry. Here’s what he had to say;


What were you expecting of the team when you came back, after you left for two years? 


“I wasn’t very sure, I heard some things that the team would be smaller. I wasn’t really sure what to expect overall. After the first couple weeks of practice, I knew we had a lot of work to do. Just as far as building stability back into the program. Also making sure they are disciplined.” 


What are you wanting to improve from last season to this season? 


“I want us to be better doing the little things. We will talk a lot about turns and the way we focus on turns. Also talking about getting things right. On our boys team, we have a lot of juniors and seniors so we are older on the boys side. If we are striving to make state, they are going to have to do the little things correctly. On the girls side we are really young, so the little things technique wise is going to go a long way.”


As a team, how do you want to create unity to create relationships in a team?


“One of the things we talk about a lot is that being a good person comes first, then being a good student, and being an athlete. I want all our swimmers to buy into that mindset and understand that we are good people. From a team aspect we are out cheering for each other and doing things like that at every meet. I think we receive unity piece fall into place.”


What is your goal for the Provo High Swim Team?


“I think overall I want to see improvement. We have a lot of young swimmers and so a bunch of PR’s meet to meet is a great way to start. I think it is very realistic for us to get relays on the board and competing in state. With the new expansion of relays at state, these goals aren’t too far fetch.”


From a coach’s perspective, how do you want Provo High students to get more involved with swimming?


“There are a few ways, you can come to my classroom and speak to me, contact members of the swim team to find out more information. What I can tell you now is that we swim at the rec center every morning at 6 am. Our season starts in September and ends in mid February.Other questions regarding Provo High swim, you can contact any athletic directors, coaches, or swimmers themselves to find out more to get involved!”