Girls Varsity Volleyball · Bulldog Highlight: Kyalea Toutai – Volleyball

Provo High Sports Marketing students, Hayley Snarr and Sierra Weeks, sat down with Provo High volleyball senior, Kyalea Toutai. Here’s what she had to say.


What got you into playing volleyball?


“I started playing with my family when I was really young. My dad asked if I’d be interested in playing for a rec team and ever since then I’ve been hooked!”


What positions do you play?


Kyalea has exceeded our expectations and plays over four different positions. 

“For Provo High I play outside hitter, defensive specialist, opposite hitter, and center.”


What are your goals for the season?


As Kyalea is entering her senior year we asked her what her goals are for her final season at Provo High. 

“I want to have a good time with my team, putting a lot more effort compared to last season and just playing our game as a team. That will be my biggest focus for senior year.”


What are some of your biggest achievements?


“Some of my biggest achievements in volleyball have been for my club team we have taken several firsts in the Gold Brackets. As a Provo High team we have won two region games and are planning to win a third this year!”


What is your favorite part about being on Provo High Volleyball?


“All of the girls really make the team and everyone is super fun! We all come from different backgrounds and in the end we all come together to play the same game. It is super fun meeting new people and coming together as a team.”


What are your plans after high school?


“In the path of volleyball, I don’t have plans to play professionally though I would love to coach someday. Education wise, I am planning on attending Brigham Young University to study engineering, leading into mechanical engineering.”


Who’s your biggest influence?


“My biggest influence in my life would be my mom, such a basic answer but I just love her support! Volleyball wise, Kelsey Robinson, who is a beach volleyball player.”